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Kylie Holt



Kylie Holt is an acclaimed Sugar Artist and International Food Network Champion. Her expertise lies in crafting show-stopping wedding cakes and intricate 3-D and gravity-defying cakes. She has competed on shows like Cake Wars, Santa's Baking Blizzard, and won The Big Bake. Kylie and her team wowed audiences on Disney's Foodtastic with their winning mind-boggling Toy Story-themed food art. Her work has been featured in Cake Masters Magazine, as well as a featured tutorial for a gravity-defying fairy treehouse cake for the Icing Smiles newsletter. She has consistently dominated her division in the Sugar Artists of Utah Show, even securing Best of Show with her gravity-defying Humpty Dumpty cake. She graduated from Escoffier School of Culinary Arts as a Pastry Chef in 2018, and has a passion for sharing her baking and decorating experience with others!



Cake Wars

Season 4 Episode 13: Roald Dahl

My talented sister-in-law Heather Clarke and I competed on our very first cake show together!  Show biz was quite the shock to say the least!  We killed it in round one with our adorable Fantastic Mr. Fox book cake, but unfortunately we were eliminated in round 2.  We learned SOOOOO much during this show!  It was at that point that I vowed I would NEVER do another cake show again!  But......



Santa's Baking Blizzard

Season 1 Episode 1: Countdown to Christmas

Despite swearing off TV shows forever, I decided to give it another go with two of my best cake friends, Amy Goff of Frosted Custom Cakes and Emerlie Miller of My Sugar Rush.  For round 1 we made a hilariously fun snowman barreling down a ski slope on one ski with an isomalt glass of steaming hot apple cider in his hand!

Our round 2 cake was a breathtaking snow globe tribute to Utah, the beautiful state we all live in!


Disney Plus: Foodtastic

Oh boy was this show a doozy!  This was not simply a cake show, but an ALL-ENCOMPASSING FOOD-ART show!  We built an enormous colorful eye-popping underwater seascape using the characters from Toy Story!  My team used French bread, lasagna noodles, chocolate, cake, fondant, candy, and all varieties of fruit and vegetables to create this magnificent masterpiece! And guess what? WE WON!!!  For our countless hours of blood sweat and tears (and believe you me, there were LOTS of all of that!) we got to take home.... drumroll please.... A PIN!  You heard that right folks! A Disney Collectors Pin!  Yay, haha!  Amy Goff from Frosted Custom Cakes and Jessica Villeneuve from Jessicakes were superb teammates!


Season 1, Episode 3, Toy Story: The Doctor is In



The Big Bake

Season 3 Episode 8: Cakemas Carols

I teamed up with Amy Goff once again plus a NEW team member Katrina Jones to create the most fabulous gravity-defying Santa cake and we conquered the competion and brought home the grand prize of $10,000!!!!  Well, most of $10,000 that is... (It was filmed in Canada so 10K in Canadian money is really only about 7K in US Dollars... but hey!  That's better than a pin!)


In the 

In 2021, I was featured on the cover of The Modern Woodmen Magazine.  The article inside featured various small business owners that had to learn to pivot during the pandemic.


Sugar Artists of Utah Show

Best of Show 2019

In 2021 I won "Best of Show" in the Sugar Artists of Utah Show! See the news article and video about it below!

Let’s Make Your Dream Cake

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